Summer Intern – Week 7

Entering the final week of my internship I decided to restructure my code of a month ago. This was because I learnt a lot of things over the period of time which I didn’t know when I started.

Restructuring the code itself is a daunting task because you have to go through the whole code again and make sure that nothing breaks as you change some part of the code. Also, I recently discovered a flaw in my database design which I have now corrected.

Apart from restructuring, implementing notifications from the server was also a good learning experience. After restructuring my code a basic flow of our app will be ready but still a great amount of work needs to be done.

Summer Intern – Week 5

Due to a large chunk of work I am writing this blog after a gap of two weeks. The realisation that only three weeks are left for a get learning experience to end has started to dawn upon me. Thus the remaining three week would be very crucial for me.

Anyways, talking about the past week. This week was a crucial one because we had a build #1 for our app released for testing. The build had very basic features. We had it tested by people from Google and co-founders of start-ups. The reviews were mixed, some liked the idea while others were apprehensive about it. Testing helped us realise that still a lot of research on the idea and work on the app needs to be done.

The coming week we will have two more builds release with one on Monday and the other on Friday. Thus we have a crucial week ahead.

Summer Intern – Week 3

The week started with change in plans. After thinking hard for sometime we decided to drop the idea of activity app and instead build an app for networking of professionals (again, I cannot disclose any details). The crux of both the apps is basically the same. The difference is now faceboook vs linkedin.

Change in plans meant starting from scratch again. This meant all the work done in the past week was no more useful. Initially we had some problems implementing the oauth 2 for linkedin api but after the initial hiccups we were able to easily crunch data from linkedin.

The next big task was designing the database. Having little experience of database designing this was again a difficult one. But with some help from my mentors I was able to do this quick enough. The experience helped me learn a great deal about relationships in database, joins and django models.

A challenging week awaits.

Summer Intern – Week 2

With week 2, begun the coding part of the app (week 1 was all about brainstorming ideas for the app). As I mentioned earlier, I will be hacking on the server side programming of the activity partner app (I cannot give any details about the app as I am bound by a legal contract). For doing the server side programming I have decided to go forward with django.

My tryst with django goes back to January when I started using it for a personal project of mine. The reason to choose django at that time was primarily to run python on the web. But after using it for some time I realised that it was much more powerful.

Coming back to my intern project. The initial outlay of the project involved a very complex database schema consisting of complex one-to-many and many-to-many between various table. But for the version 1, which we will be completing soon, we have simplified it a lot. Apart from that things have been straightforward as of now but I except them to become quite complex as the project progresses.

Looking forward to an exciting week ahead!

Summer Intern – Week 1

This week was the beginning of my first ever start-up experience. The organisation I am interning at is Rovolt Labs. To keep a track of my progress and I have decided to write a weekly blog summarizing my week as an intern.

Before I talk about my first week as an intern I think it would be better if I mentioned how got this intern

How I got the intern

I participated in gsf_hacks. The hackathon was hosted at Investopad, Gurgaon which is an awesome place. Me and my team were competing under the challenge of Rovolt Labs where we had to make a mobile phone application that would make use of computer in an innovative way. Although we didn’t win the challenge but the people from Rovolt Labs liked our work and were kind enough to offer us a summer intern.

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My first week

My first week as an intern has been great. The office is located at Cyber Park, Gurgaon. Being a startup t,he office is small and there aren’t many employees but a great number of interns. The interns have been divided into teams depending on their date of joining. My team of interns were asked to come up with an idea for an mobile app that will appeal the masses. We gave them about fifty ideas and did an analysis of API’s of various social websites like facebook, twitter, instagram, flicker etc , in order to come up with an idea that was unique and appealing. After all this brainstorming four app ideas were shortlisted. Then we did a competitive analysis of these ideas and decided to go forward with two of them. The two ideas are that we will be going forward with are:

  • A location based activity partner app
  • A dating app for the intellectuals

The teams were further divided into two, one each for each app. I’ll be working on the server side programming of the activity partner app.

Looking forward to an exciting week ahead!